Breaking the silence

Last year, domestic violence took the lives of 173 people across the United Kingdom. Only this week we have learnt that the number of women killed by a partner or an ex-partner has risen by almost a third in just one year, while countless others have suffered and continue to suffer in silence.

Speak up, you’re not alone

The Duchess of Cornwall has said domestic abuse “affects everybody” and urged people to “get up and talk about their experiences”. “No one knows what goes on behind any front door. It doesn’t matter who you are,” she told the Daily Mail.

Tougher measures for #domesticviolence

Priti Patel plans tougher bail terms for dangerous suspects The home secretary is planning to reverse bail reforms after a campaign by women’s groups worried that dangerous suspects are being released without restrictions. Priti Patel will expand of the use of pre-charge police bail, which will scrap reforms introduced under Theresa May. The home secretary outlinedContinue reading “Tougher measures for #domesticviolence”

Love at First Byte – the #book #blogging

“Where was your Mummy again, when your Uncle came?” Winnie asked seeking clarification. “She and dad had gone back to their room upstairs,” I confirmed. It was later in the evening that dad announced we were going out for a family meal. I used to love those. They provided an opportunity to get dressed, put my nice shoes on, sing in the car and see some new faces. Kemi came running up the stairs to find me. She had sneaked in some sweets from uncle’s pack. “Take your sweets!” She announced with glee and then later whispered as if someone would hear us. Even the sweets which were also a reward for my silence failed to thrill me.