My new #book, romantic novel #blog

This second novel is the continuation of the saga started in the first book, “Love at First Byte” which details the embattled life of a young girl who has been subjected to unhealthy relationships with men. One of these led to the conception of her twins. Cici was also conceived following an affair between her mum and a casual acquaintance. Also, a woman of mixed heritage, Chinese and African, she is yet to meet her biological father. She is mum to two excitable and pre-teen-twins after having survived a break with her previous life as a “lady of the night.” Lately, she has been negotiating life and exploring relationships with men while being a super-wealthy woman. You will be drawn into the humorous account of her children’s plans to find their mother a husband, the impending love triangle scenario and the behaviours of Cici’s love interests! Share her struggles with motherhood, growth in her Christian faith and romance as she juggles a relationship with two men. A must-read if you are an avid reader of romantic titles! She now has one crucial decision to make, in the morning…

Protecting the innocent party in #domesticabuse

Proposed domestic abuse laws must be strengthened to give more protection to children, campaigners say. Barnardo’s and the NSPCC said measures due to be published on Tuesday were “disappointing” and risked perpetuating a situation in which children were the “hidden victims” of domestic abuse.  More here: However, Women’s Aid welcomed a new legal obligationContinue reading “Protecting the innocent party in #domesticabuse”

Love at First Byte is #3!

Cici It’s a story of redemption following child abuse. Here’s an excerpt: PUT ME DOWN “So, there was a study room which held a bookcase and library of books some of which were hardback and had changing brown to white coloured pages. There were two windows which streamed sun rays quite early forcing the sleeperContinue reading “Love at First Byte is #3!”