Keep walking – the anthology is born


Book Blurb of Keep Walking

The Covid 19 Lockdown season was full of surprises. 

What was the lockdown like for you? Did you learn anything or enjoy it? Did you feel alone, or did you get a chance to reconnect with friends? We felt so many emotions. 

8 Women of different ages and cultures joined a book club support group.

It provided a platform to meet, greet, reflect, share and document our very different experiences of the Covid 19 lockdown.  We decided to write them down and call it “Keep Walking.” The title reminded us of the power we had in God and the support we received from each other to find ways to thrive at such a difficult time.

Even though we were confined to our homes, our minds and pens were free to roam. We realised we could still create words, as our minds were not imprisoned. We put pen to paper and started writing.

So we set our thoughts and dreams free to release our pain, losses, betrayal and hurt. You will read real stories that will shock you, make you cry or even laugh!

We thrive as we keep walking…

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