George Floyd

We are born into this world, to fulfil purpose and to thrive,
Each to love not create strife

We are uniquely created and crafted
Each one of us, irrespective of man-made apartheid

Carefully painted and on occasion
In chosen locations and vocations
To fulfil God’s divine assignment

What then makes it right
For one being to start strife
Another to hit out with a knife
To snuff out a life?

We did not choose the colour of our skin
Or consult with our Maker about our sheen
So we will revel in our form
Even though it may not be accepted as norm.

Let love prevail.

Copyright ©Arinola 2020

May the God who hates violence
Answer and bring judgement

Vindicate us o God. 🙏🏿

In memory of

GeorgeFloyd #racism

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