A time to pray?

Google reports #prayer as the most searched word recently.

I thought it fitting to share my book on the subject – #FREE to download today.


Have you noticed how we live in a fast-paced and instant world a belief in God seems to be losing its relevance? Do you also meet with people who constantly question the existence, validity and usefulness of belief in a supreme being?

Have you ever wondered if God was real or if He ever spoke? Do you wonder whether He is interested in the affairs of men?

I believe God is real. He is a loving Father with outstretched arms waiting and calling out for us to come back to Him. He desires us to come closer for a life-changing and purposeful relationship with Him.

He is talking all the time. Maybe we just need to slow down, tune in and listen sometimes. I know there are times when it seems He’s gone frightfully quiet; even then, He’s still with us. At these times, He is gently encouraging us to trust in His ever-abiding presence.

In this book, I share some of my own life experience and frustrating conversations to encourage you to see and explore how real God is.

The more I slowed down and stopped to listen, the more I obeyed, and the more I did the clearer His voice seemed to me.

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