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Thanks for the phone calls, quiet words and encouragement, the SEQUEL to the “Love at First Byte” is coming soon.

Here’s a #book excerpt: (unabridged, unedited)

The tone of his voice tugged at my heart strings and I could hear his voice in my head repeat in my head, and it was softer each time
“OK!” And I pulled up the knob and threw the door open as if a power behind me jolted me into doing so. I also entertained a mischievous smile which was wiped out when he said, “is this some sort of game?”

“What the h***l do you mean!?” I shouted angrily.
“I called, texted and left you messages but you do not respond, then…”
I interrupted with “I was not aware of the fact that I had to answer to you?” My blood was boiling now and somehow I was thinking in my head, why is this conversation getting heated?
“I’m so sorry…” David’s voice tailed off in surrender. “I was just worried about you, or rather concerned.”
“Worried? About me? Not your wife or girlfriend?” I asked sarcastically.
“She’s my ex, we are going through a divorce” It sounded more like a lame excuse than an explanation.
“Ah! Sorry…” I felt defeated.
“Yes…” I said “Yes” as if I needed to show that I was unaffected by him. “Yes”
“How so?”
“For the display at the church. And the phone call conversation?”
“Phone call conversation?”
“Which one?”
“David, I really don’t have time for this.” I lied. “I have to go and get the kids from school, you understand that?”
“Cici, what are you so upset about?”
“Me upset?”
“Yes… I hardly know you CeeCee,” he smiled.
“Hmmm…” I took a deep breath and signed. “Can I go now?”
“OK!” Was his reply of resignation. “But watch out for your fuel as I think you may have a leak?” He was getting out of the car seat when I touched him lightly on the shoulder.
“Fuel leak?”
“I can see an oil trail from your car on the road.” He was walking off in the direction of a black two door sports car. I could not tell what model or make it was but it looked foreign, imported and expensive! He must be making a lot of money I thought. I considered running after him to ask for help but my pride held me back. He stopped walking, contemplated coming towards me, took a few steps in my direction then said, “you won’t get far with that leak…” laughed as if mocking me then turned back towards his car.

Copyright ©Arinola Araba 2020

Hannah Kupoluyi
Komal Aslam Wumi Oyewole
Mai Matt Alison Meakin, Judith L Majekodunmi
Phinnah Chichi Ikeji
Afolasade Bright

Fatuma Ssesimba
Musu Bangura
Mamusu Komon
Hester Ruoff
Peju Simoyan
Yetunde Juliet Adeshile
Bola Adelegan-Oji
Chika Nya- Etok
Vince Thomas
Lisa Roullier
Pen to Print
Pen To Print Lena
Heather Pope
Andzelika Gedviliene


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