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Supporting amazing women in Birthing their vision and dreams is my thing!!

Celebrating Female Authors, Screenwriters, publishers in honour of International Women’s Months in March 2020.

Joining me on “Birth Your Vision Podcast Series” Today Arinola Speaker Araba

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E: allwomensnetwork@gmail.com

💐Guest: Arinola Araba

Arinola is mum to three young adults, all in university. Also a multi award nominee and winner, fun-loving, energetic Writer, Blogger, Speaker. She is a social entrepreneur, founder and inventor of the bMoneywize game – a game which focuses on making maths fun and developing financial skills in children and young people. Presently, bMoney Wize has grown to also become a youth-focused social enterprise and a games developer serving a growing demand for financial education resources, with a mission to improve memory recall, comprehension and a savings habit while fostering a love of maths among UK-based school age children 7 to 18 years old.

Her work is excellent, very commendable and is impacting the lives of children and young people in the local community where she lives and beyond!

Arinola’s has been sought for interviews by BBC radio, ITV, BBC money box and various BBC Radio stations across the UK.


➡️Click to listen !!

To be featured on Birth Your Vision Podcast Series , Email: allwomensnetwork@gmail.com

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Mum, Singer, Writer, Entrepreneur Author page: http://www.amazon.com/author/arinola

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