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The government’s “maps” has launched a 10 year financial strategy…

The government has launched a 10 year strategy to increase people’s #financialwellbeing

“The new strategy sets five goals to be achieved by 2030. These are:

– For 6.8 million children and young people to be getting a meaningful financial education – an increase of two million from 2019;

– For 16.7 million working age people who are financially squeezed to be saving regularly – an increase of two million;

– For two million fewer people to be often using credit to pay for food or bills. Currently, it is thought that nine million people often use credit to pay for food or essential bills;

– For two million more people to be getting the debt advice they need – up from 1.7 million. Currently only 32% of those who need debt advice access it;

– For 28.6 million people to be understanding enough to plan for their later lives, and during them – an increase of five million.

Over the first half of 2020, the MaPS will work with other sectors to firm up plans to achieve the five goals, with specific plans for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.” Yahoo news

More here: https://www.maps.org.uk/2020/01/21/uk-strategy-for-financial-wellbeing-sets-out-ten-year-vision-to-improve-millions-of-lives/

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