How can we help children value and manage money?

I am so glad I had the opportunity to attend the @moneyandpensions event at the Westminster Hall yesterday. See attached photo of our responses to the possible ideas/ solutions for disseminating Financial education for #children.

It was inspiring to hear and see the great work being carried out across the country. After attending the listening event at 👸🏽 Queen Elizabeth Hall next door a few weeks ago, it emerged from our table’s conversation that personal debt rates were low in Scotland and Wales! Shocked about this, I asked the facilitator why this was: Financial education, he said, had been part of their primary school curriculum for about 15 years!!!

Following the great work of campaigners like Martin Lewis , founder of the @Money Saving Expert, #Financialeducation became a compulsory element of the secondary #school curriculum in England. He said about £33 billion was spent on advertising! It appears that less than 10% of that is spent on finance education?!

In a bid to teach my children not to repeat my #money mistakes, I discovered that talking about the cost of making #jollofrice for 12 friends made the conversation real and easy to grasp for Ayo Opara and her friends, hence the bMoneywize game.

What will it take to make Financial education more accessible?

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