Birthday Month :-)

It’s Brithday month in my family this month and we historically get to put on a lot of weight! It’s brithday for nephew to kick off, my daughter, sister 2, sister 1, dad and then me!

Would you guess that I actually got caught up with the excitement to see the Pope too – it was totally unplanned 🙂 I was on my way to Westminster for a girls night out in church when I was told…’you cannot cross the road, the Pope is due any second’ So I had to wait for the procession to pass in front of me, joined by excited followers and worshippers and non worshippers?

I had taken 3 losses on the Eur/Usd to the tune of about 15 pips when I saw an opportunity forming for a short trade on the Eur/Usd so I placed a trade via the phone as my computer had crashed 3 times earlier…Oh dear. I had to fumble with my phone to find the record for my account number. I took a short on the pair and we’ll have to see on Sunday night if it was a good bet…

By the way have you registered for the Forex Taster session on September 24th? For more, see here:

Enjoy weekend.

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