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Sep 18th posted 18 Sep 2010 10:51 by Arinola Araba [ updated 18 Sep 2010 11:01 ]

 It’s Brithday month in my family this month and we historically get to put on a lot of weight! It’s brithday for nephew to kick off, my daughter, sister 2, sister 1, dad and then me! Would you guess that I actually got caught up with the excitement to see the Pope too – it was totally unplanned 🙂 I was on my way to Westminster for a girls night out in church when I was told…’you cannot cross the road, the Pope is due any second’ So I had to wait for the procession to pass in front of me, joined by excited followers and worshippers and non worshippers? I had taken 3 losses on the Eur/Usd to the tune of about 15 pips when I saw an opportunity forming for a short trade on the Eur/Usd so I placed a trade via the phone as my computer had crashed 3 times earlier…Oh dear. I had to fumble with my phone to find the record for my account number. I took a short on the pair and we’ll have to see on Sunday night if it was a good bet… By the way have you registered for the Forex Taster session on September 24th? For more, see here: Enjoy weekend.

September 2010 posted 8 Sep 2010 07:11 by Arinola Araba [ updated 8 Sep 2010 07:34 ]Hello there! I have been so bogged down with redesigning the new website that I have not had time to update my trades…It’s been hectic and exciting with the kids going back to school. As you may know, we have a taster seminar booked for the 24th September, 2010 from 1pm – 4pm, for more info click Here As for my blogging skills, I have signed up to WordPress and Iam still trying to find a way to merge it with the website? I am happy to receive offers to help? 😉 I have been placing long trades (holding trades open for a few days) on the Eur/Chf, Eur/Usd and Eur/Jpy an and taking small profits and losses too ;-( It is good that I have cut my losses short, and I am still in more money than when I started? Some more tips for trading profitably…. Good to have a trading plan Have the discipline to follow through a pre stipulated plan Keep emotions out of trade Allowing losses to run for too long, and not accepting it Losing one’s enthusiasm to trade Taking too many trade transactions in one day

(Edit post) August 17th posted 17 Aug 2010 04:48 by Arinola Araba [ updated 17 Aug 2010 04:54 ] Aug 17th It’s been a few busy days….Summer and all. Family life has been so busy as freinds and cghurch took advantage of the sun and Summer with BBQs and parties an ongoing thing! I have had fun whilst settting up so me long term trades on the USD/CHF, usual EUR/USD, AND GBP/USD. The first two were profitable but the the GBP/USD made a small loss of 50 pips whilst the EUR/USD returned aover 150 pip profit with the downturn seen last week. Direction has not been too clear on the USD pairs so I have to lower my profit expectation until the trend is clear! 😉 I have also been working on a new look website which can be viewed pre launch here

(Edit post) Aug 5th posted 6 Aug 2010 01:44 by Arinola Araba I am looking at the Eur/Usd chart and it appears that the pair has hit a resistance level around 1.3200 and is pulling back. With the Employment rate and Non farm news being expected, a variance with actual news could be the opportunity to see some volatility….

(Edit post) Aug 4th posted 4 Aug 2010 13:59 by Arinola Araba [ updated 4 Aug 2010 14:10 ] It’s been an interesting day for trading the Eur/Usd as you can see from the insert below.I saw the fall of the pair to around the 1.3144 level and saw an opportunity to buy for a profit. My first order closed at the 1.3158 with a profit of £170.79 and more, about £271.40, not bad for a few hours work. What do you think? Find out more at our next upcoming seminar, here

(Edit post) | Attachments: trades 040810.bmp txnhistory_04082010.xlsx Aug 3th posted 3 Aug 2010 12:36 by Arinola Araba Phew…I have had an interesting week….Sunday, on a boat trip I won the first raffle prize, a pampering kit. Attending a business event, I won 2 more gifts, a bottle of champagne plus a much sought after book.Continuing the winning streak, I won the last place at a go-karting event – what a laugh! What have you been getting up to? I have had 3 long term trades on the Eur/Usd, Eur/Jpy and Gbp/Usd and made 140 pips in total. At the moment, I have a buy order on the Eur/Jpy too. Enjoy your summer days…

 July 23th posted 23 Jul 2010 00:26 by Arinola Araba [ updated 23 Jul 2010 00:35 ] Hello again! I had not realised how exciting searching for a venue to hold a seminar really is? I hope you are well. I so enjoy demonstrating that Forex can work, you’ll see why when you take a look at the trades I have posted below. My very favourite currency pairs are the Eur/Jpy and Eur/Usd as their spreads are tighter. If you wish to know what that means, attend the next Forex Taster Seminar in September. As we all know, the markets listen to no one, I have placed trade orders and left them to be filled whilst going around the daily routines with schools preparing for the Summer holidays. I hope you are planning something exciting this Summer. Enjoy the sun 🙂

 | Attachments: trades 230710.bmp July 22nd posted 22 Jul 2010 10:45 by Arinola Araba [ updated 22 Jul 2010 10:55 ] It’s been a very busy almost 2 weeks. I have attended school celebrations, end of year concerts, hospital appointments, you name it 🙂 It’s a shame I had to reschedule the Taster Seminar, the next one is being planned for September when school begins again. I have placed some trades on the UK FTSE and have been sampling different trading platforms as you will see from the insert below. We seen an up trend on my favourite Eur pairs, Eur/Jpy and Eur/Usd and the FTSE. It is good to be able to set up trades as I have had to do as the last few days have been so busy! I am planning on attending some networking events over the next few days. In the meantime, enjoy

 | Attachments: trade 220710.bmp July 14th posted 14 Jul 2010 03:13 by Arinola Araba [ updated 14 Jul 2010 03:22 ] Today, we are looking at the Eur/ Usd which has seen a big move yesterday afternoon. On the 4 hour chart (11.00hrs GMT) price is consolidating but a previous uptrend which is intact. As we are already in a trade, we are bringing our stop up to just below the consolidation area.  July 12th posted 11 Jul 2010 23:04 by Arinola Araba I have been trading the Eur Jpy this morning. See as attached

 | Attachments: trade 121010 eur jpy.bmp trade 121010 eur jpy.bmp ‹

July 1st

>posted 5 Jul 2010 11:42 by Arinola Araba

It’s been a few sunny days….I had a client and this kept me occupied for 3 hours on Thursday…Fun for me and them when they asked for more 🙂  I had placed a sell order on the GBP/JPY and was richly rewarded with a profit of £455. One contract opened at 131.966 and closed at 131.366 with a 100 point stop loss. Feel free to download the attached file for details. Isn’t it good to know you can set a trade and leave alone 🙂

July 29th

updated 29 Jun 2010 06:03 ]

Hello there! I have been trading the FTSE today…I have net an amount of £337.00. Take a look at the attachment here and more see the trades..! Enjoy. Any questions, call or write me

June 28th

>posted 28 Jun 2010 07:39 by Arinola Araba  

Hello there! It’s not been the most exciting trading day for Forex for the EUR pairs this morning….I have attached my trades today. I placed trades after the school run using orders as the market was quiet…
They were executed on a 15min chart/1 min chart strategy. Find out more at a seminar or one to one session here. A decision to taste the Aussie  Dollar (AUD/USD) was rewarding too after a long wait! A profit of £66.14 resulted from an opening price, short position of 0.87243 and an exit price of 0.8714.3. See attachment for more! Enjoy the sun 🙂

June 25th

updated 29 Jun 2010 05:46 ]

What a glorious sun day! I have been trading this morning. The chosen currency is the GBP/JPY which is one of the most volatile pairs in the market. On a good day, it moves well over 100pips, but watch out for the cost of spreads…
My trade prices are in attachment below. Also take a look at my entry points on the chart. Enjoy

Trading 23rd June

posted 23 Jun 2010 01:50 by Arinola Araba   updated 23 Jun 2010 03:55 ]

Hello all. I have been trading today and yesterday and have attached my trades in excel spreadsheet below. You will note that I have taken small losses too! This is part of the trading process. Small losses are OK. Enjoy your day and the sun 🙂

June 21

posted 21 Jun 2010 02:45 by Arinola Araba

Hello everyone. It’s been a very busy weekend with me looking after 2 kids after their stay in hospital. Phew! It’s almost over, I have had to run to school to get some home work for them to do. Today I have taken 4 trades one of which has resulted in a loss I am not happy about 😦  It’s been quite emotional lately and not a good time to trade.
I will take a break and look set up a trade at significant points, break of 4hour and daily breaks….

posted 16 Jun 2010 02:16 by Arinola Araba  

Hi there! It’s been busy few days as my son managed to hurt his knee and had to be taken into hospital again. 
In the meantime, I see that from June 7th the Eur/Jpy has been threatening a upward reversal and has somewhat succeeded as it has moved from a low of 108.07 to a high of 113.32 toay. I am expecting a pause in the market after a rally between 7 – 8am this morning. As I write I see a pause in the market as the bears are pushing to take control from the bulls and preventing higher prices! A momentum break below today’s low and support of 112.40 presents an opportunity to trade a reversal. Are you trading today?
The beauty of forex is I can take a break and not lose my job. 

June 6th
A gap down on Sunday, 6th June has started this euro on a tumble this week. The effect of the Greece bail out has made an impact on the euro resulting in it sinking to a lows not seen for 3 years. Last low in 2006 was at 1640! As the prices have been ranging between 1.2008 and 1.1876 since 6th June I have been scalping a lot, taking small trades.
At 6.12pm, I placed a sell on the EUR/JPY at the break of the pivot point at 109.12, stop at 109.52 and a limit at 108.72. Trade resulted in a 40 pip profit

I had to do some mummy duties, visiting a parent’s evening at 6.30pm. Very interestingly see the chart below at 11.23am. 

Friday 4th June

posted 6 Jun 2010 12:31 by Arinola Araba

I had a busy day and barely had time to glance at the markets. I placed 2 trades on the EUR/JPY looking for 20 pips around the pivot point. I made £73.00 on a short trade and was happy. The pair was in a down trend with attempts to break through the pivot for a rally, this failed about 4 times. So my plan to place an order when it resumed a downward trend was richly rewarded.
Weekend is here so I must spend time with kids and have fun. We went to a leadership event in Westminster and church was cool to organise a dance afterwards.  We are all getting ready for the week ahead so will probably look up charts later when kids are asleep

We are on BBC2 – working lunch

updated 3 Jun 2010 01:56 ]

Arinola was attending a Business Start Up event at Barking today where she was interviewed by the Working Lunch team from BBC’s popular midday money talk show. Watch it this week – here

May 27th

posted 29 May 2010 14:10 by Arinola Araba

I opened a short position on the EUR/JPY at 112.37, closed it out at 111.99, making a profit of about 31 pips. 
We had a forex seminar the next day so I had to keep up my energy. The seminar was so much fun to present and you can read some of our testimonials here.

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